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  4/12/2009: added the rca switch box project and updated the house page.

6/21/2008: wow, it's the middle of 2008 already...

??/??/2007: something happened, really it did...

12/22/2006: today i added a tool for querying nameservers like ted's.

11/18/2005: and the second nixie clock has begun! it's been awhile, but the bug has bitten and it's time to return! UPDATE 1/25/2006: the first run is a go!

7/3/2005: ditto below...but, now we have propaganda volume 13 and volume 14. i know, very, very important indeed. <g>

6/29/2004: wow...over a year since i've done anything meaningful to the site. well, not a surprise as it's mostly just "hey, go check this out" to my friends stuff. but, on the otherhand, i did install the log analysis tool analog and am seeing some interesting stuff. oh well, nuff said. for anyone who cares, i just moved stuff around and reconfigured a bit so if you really, really, really want to see something, and it's not around, then let me know. thanks...

6/4/2003: well, i found out today that someone IS actually checking this from time to time. who'd've thought. so, for now the only update is a couple of movies added to the nixie clock page so that everyone can see what the hell i'm talking about. be wary though, i don't have a fast up-bound connection and the movies are 3MB. it'll take about 5 minutes to d/l.
    more later...

12/14/2002: i've relocated to new york! yes, something inside me decided to make the idiot decision to up and move my ass to new york. really, it's not that bad. sure there's stuff to bitch about, but hey, who wants to hear it? anyway, as i take a break from unpacking and settling in to the strange life of the new-yorker i've been working on the site a bit and have redone the main page. really, the biggest change is the name as i lost now, we're officially (i wasn't about to pay $24k for so, when i get my dsl the world will see this once again! of course, most important is getting defcon back on-line.

8/19/2002:'s been awhile. and, belive it or not...i DO have some new stuff to put up. interestingly, it's kind of heavy on the propaganda (see the column?). anyway, let's not dally. the propaganda background page, the nsa's new run (2 months ago) of info-sec propaganda and an update to the nixie clock project page. FINALLY!

6/27/2002: ahh...the joy of moving. well, i've got my machine back up and for some astounding reason, verizon decided to only take 7 days to move my dsl connection. hot damn! so, i know that you can't live w/out it and i'm back up and running! < and there was much rejoicing >

4/30/2002: just shy of 24 hours later my box is back up and running. yesterday sometime around 5:30/6pm my power supply decided to crap out and take the site down. now, i know i don't get many vistors, but after swapping out the bad w/a enermax 550w i'm back from the dead. i don't think i'll have to worry about that one again for awhile.

2/6/2002: i've started up a new project, and unlike many others, it looks as though this one will actually go somewhere. check it out at my nixie clock page.

1/17/2002: so, i know you've all been EAGERLY awaiting this, so here it is! the brand spanking new ya, pretty much looks the same. a bit leaner, not as many pictures...blah. BUT!!! if you want to see it in a semi-cool font (and you're running x-windows) install the freefont and sharefont packages. then it'll get a little swirly. but, outside of that, nothing much.

maybe i'll have an idea one of these days...

awhile ago: well, after much thought, and much work that went into the previous site i decided that it was time to change the page. hell, i'm probably the only one that uses it anyway. so, for those of you that find your way here, the rebuild is under way. the goal, loose the news, keep about half of the other stuff, and see what happens when it's all over. stay tuned...

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what was once bryan's new york pad
the perfect description of arguing on the internet. as my friend said "nuff said". here too
build your very own ZX81. very cool, if you have the $$$.
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