[living projects] nixie tube clock and clock II, the dekatron, the devel power supply, the rca switch box
[retired projects] '99 german thesis, defcon
[dead projects] andechs linux distro, bil, ln2
[rad stuff] CDV700CLUB, vaseline glass

[bier] the freezer (converted)

[motorcycles] the xs750f, the xs750se, and the r100

[radio] ham radio

[tools] my tools, ted's tools
[html] barebones html, css 2.1 at w3c, and a good cms: drupal

[os] plan 9
[phrack], the repository
[linux] decss, slackware (and it's packages or builds), slamd64, tricks and notes
[security] the cDc, wietse's stuff, infosec news, (bugtraq)

[military] fas, nukes, near nuclear disaster, land, chemical, orange-book, and red-book

[trash] adminspotting
[war games] audio clips I, audio clips II
[other] the moto page, fun with the oscilloscope
[people] the woz, robert cringely

[x] enlightenment, exchange
[propaganda] the propaganda page, the propaganda background page, the nsa's info-sec propaganda

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what was once bryan's new york pad
the perfect description of arguing on the internet. as my friend said "nuff said". here too
build your very own ZX81. very cool, if you have the $$$.
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