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  the idea behind this project is cpu cooling. not simply with a fan, with multiple fans, with water or even a refrigeration unit; but with liquid nitrogen. liquid nitrogen has a temperature of around 77 K, yes, subtract 273.15 from that and you have -196.15 degrees celcius...or very very cold. the hope is that i can get the cpu darn near that temperature, however, i'm not even sure that it will work that cold. at that temperature, for instance, the cpu will shrink, and could possibly loose contact with the socket. at this point, i just don't know.

Current Standing
  right now, i'm gathering data and trying to figure out the cost associated with this project. i have a preliminary idea of the design, people that can build things for me (i can't weld pipe together), and a vendor for the ln2. the last major hurdle to jump is cost, but if all goes well, i'll start whittling that away piece by piece. who needs to eat? :)

soon, i'll post plans, drawings and other odd bits of information so that you can see where i'm getting everything from.

Where Did This Info Come From?
  a brief bibliography: (more and links to come)

  Sittig, Marshall. Cryogenics: Research and Applications. D. Van Norstrand Company, INC. 1963.
    a good introduction to the world of cryogenics, although some of the info is a bit old. :) it contains things that other books, and articles assume you know.

  Kent, Anthony. Experimental Low - Temperature Physics. Macmillan. 1993.
    seemingly good for newer information...

these books, and other were reccommended here.

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