BIL: the personal BIbliography and digital Library

Q1. what is the purpose of BIL?
A1. probably way to much, but...
  - provided an organized, searchable, bibliography
  - provide a repository for d/l'd and personal docs
  - link the documents in the repository with records in the bibliography
  - assure that the documents will be readable in the future
  - provide an easy way to back up important docs

Q2. what is the current version of BIL?
A2. well, i don't really have an "official" version yet, so we'll call it 0.0.1.

Q3. what does BIL require to run?
A3. at this time: apache, and mysql.

Q4. how does will it assure that docs will be readable in the future?
A4. in the document repository, you can store a native file, along with a general file (such as a pdf). the hope is that while m$ word, or word perfect docs may not be readable in 5-10 years, pdf and ps files will be. not only that, but whose to say in 5-10 years you'll even have word, lyx or word perfect to open the files with? the bet here is that pdf/ps files will be around for a long, long time, and whatever you use for word processing will be able to open them.

Q5. how does it make back-up easy?
A5. instead of having to remember where you put all those docs, you just have to back up the db. easy? sort of...

Q6. where do i get it?
A6. you can't yet. i just started working on it.

news and updates:

  3/6/2000:   well, i just put this all there is, is above.

more to come...
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