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1: the imsai series two. man, if i had the $$$ i'd buy one just to run a war dialer ala war games (my favorite movie of all time!).

2: the perfect description of arguing on the internet. as my friend said "nuff said". here too

3: some of my children's books! see the lot of them.

4: the alice and bob after dinner speech

5: Phrack is back from their hiatus, and issue 57 is upon us!

6: The BOFH 1995-1999 archive, as well as the BOFH 2001!!!

7: Arr their spyprane are berong to us!

8: The Linux Year 2000 in review.

9: The Inferno Plugin. An OS in your browser...

10: The Encryption Wars, an interview with Eben Moglen. Part I Part II

11: monty python's the search for the holy grail in legos!

12: an interesting article about the electoral college, how it works, why we should keep it and some math proving the points.

13: this is absolutely to COOL to pass up. your friend and mine, antionline was hacked. check it out, read about it and decide what the rest of us already know.

14: the m$ office assistant that you will never see...

15: a whole bunch of twinkie recipes!

16: build your very own ZX81. very cool, if you have the $$$.

17: 7h3 3l33t p4g3: check it out...

18: don't use windows on embedded systems?

19: The Coroner's Toolkit, a forensics analysis suite written by Dan and Wietse.

20: News to me, not to most others. Deckard (Blade Runner) was a replicant!

21: see the new lara croft model pictures. wow...

22: My advertisment for Slackware.

23: Phrack 56 is out!!! (also here)

24: Slim rides down to the MS campus in Redmond!

25: I couldn't help but laugh when i saw these hidden_options.gif pclip1.jpg wto.jpg thanks to

26: Get the DeCSS software here!!! css-auth.tar.gz LiVid.tgz or the dir. (possibly old, check the ftp site.)

27: defcon.epplet updated!!! check it out...

28: defcon.epplet released!!! if you run enlightenment, and want a cool epplet, go here.

29: Check out what i do when i'm bored... here

30: Today is an odd day, the last till 1/1/3111, read this at /.

31: use the famous doom engine to kill processes!

32: pslurp, a web2palm-pilot util...

33: thwarting the system cracker, a how-to, sort of...

34: propaganda, a cool site of backgrounds for your x box and some funny/great anti-m$ propaganda.

35: The orange and red books the military uses to "guide" them in configuring their NT boxes "securely".

36: A Unix secure Programming FAQ (from packet storm or here. whitefang is gone...). I love this stuff...

37: TCPDump has been ported to Win NT and Win 9x!

38: Here is the Anti-Linux/IPO How-To. This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

39: The boys at MIT are working on developing the next-gen chip. They call it the Raw Chip. Here are some papers about it.   You can also read about it here at scientific american. (This is a part of project oxygen.)

40: The 2048 most lame networks on the net (r-u-one?). Great if you're into smurfing, or check your own networks vulnerability to smurfing at

41: Tired of creating passwords, let me do it for you. random, semi-secure passwords..(hey, better than your birthday).

42: A good warning and intro to programming with strcpy, part I. Also a link to stack smashing for fun and profit... (part of phrack 49.)

43: for the 4th, you can read the declaration of independace...ohhh, ahhh

44: An SSH client for Win9x and NT. I've used this one for awhile now, and I like it. Besides, it's free...

45: the hacker's choice has lots 'o interesting cracking and phreaking files... they also seem to have a "magazine" and "files" collection. might be worth checking out.

46: Your good 'ole friend and mine, ToneLoc!!! (THE wardialer)

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