the nsa and info-sec
around-bout june of 2002 the nsa finally decided that they should start
taking information security seriously (funny, i think microsoft had this revalation
about this time as well). so, in an attempt at true world war ii style propaganda
they began to run these ads in all of the various military magazines.
the text below "Information Security Begins With You!" is too small and distorted
to read, but someone posted this and if you look really, really close, it fits:

  "The success of America's campaign against terrorism depends on you.
Don't help America's enemies plan another attack. Use secure
communications when discussing classified or sensitive information.
Handle and discard memos, documents, correspondence and emails
responsibly. Practice good computer security when accessing the
Internet. Our enemies are unlike any we've encountered before.
Don't arm them with information that can harm us."

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