The DefCon Epplet

Q1. what is it you say?
A1. well, this enlightenment epplet shows your current DefCon
(remember WarGames?) according to your current system load.

Q. what is enlightenment?
A. check out, or the source page.

Q. what is an epplet?
A. check out this link. died...looking for another...

Q. where do i get DefCon?
A. get the current version:DefCon-0.4.tgz

Q. are there any notes i should know?
A. yes...

Q. are there screenshots?
A. yes...
  With "No Color" selected:    
    defcon level 5 defcon level 4
    DefCon 5: Peace  
  The Color Menu:    
    the defcon menu  
  With "Color" selected:    
    defcon level 2 defcon level 1! WAR!!!
      DefCon 1: WAR!!!

everything you need to compile and install this epplet should be included
in the tar file above. (save e and the epplet stuff...)
if you have any questions...e-mail me at
olmstead at i hope this is at
least entertaining...

TROUBLESHOOTING - it seems that w/e16.6, X11 4.3+ or some other library included there is
and oddity, or maybe it's just the devil possing my machine again. anyway, if the DefCon.epplet
starts, but doesn't appear on the screen try this:

  edit DefCon.c and find:  
  #define NAME "DefCon"
  and change it to  
  #define NAME "Def-Con"
  run make again and all should work  

i have absolutely no idea where this comes from but am working on it. for now, this is a work around.

i would like to mention jed, whose put virtually all of the work into the
upgrades in the last couple of versions. really, i just have the passwd
to update the project on freshmeat, and that's about it. :)

problems, questions? e-mail olmstead at
this may have been useful...
last major update: 9/6/2016