an rca switch box
  after years in the box and being moved around i decided to unpack my various game systems from yester year and waste, enjoy them again. one of the biggest problems i've had is that even with an a/v receiver there are only so many inputs, and programing the remote to switch inputs all over the place is a pain. so, i decided to build an rca switch box.

currently there is a psone, ps2, nintendo (nes) and sega genesis attached. there are two big issues here:
  • mono: the nes and the genesis are mono sound. i put in a switch on the 4th input that allows you to get "stereo" when switched on. when switched off, everything is normal.
  • the genesis output: it has an RF jack and an 8-pin DIN for output, but no rca jacks! to use the DIN i found a hardware mod page and a how-to for making a composite cable. both are very good and full of information... anyway, with them i added another switch that allows the rca video/mono sound in to be switched to the DIN input. (see below and it will probably make more sense...)

rca sb 02
the dial on the left, and the first
set is the output. input 1-4 is left to right.
  rca sb 01
the top switch is the mono -> stereo switch
while the bottom switch is the nes/genesis switch.
  rca sb 02
(switches might be easier to see)
rca sb 01
(ok, might need a picture or two less)
  rca sb 02
the genesis DIN
  rca sb 02
the gensis plugged in...

one of these days i hope to open it back up and get some pictures of the internals and a circuit diagram of how it's all connected internally (especially the switches) along with a better picture or two.

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last major update: 9/6/2016