vaseline glass

what is vaseline glass? in short, it's a glass that has a bit of uranium oxide in it! according to wikipedia the amount varies between 0.1% and 1.3%. why would you want any of this you ask? well, it did make the glass an odd color of green, but it also is active enough that it can make your geiger counter tick! so, it can be an interesting test source. on top of that, when exposed to a black light it glows:

normal light
black light

it's amazing how much of this can be found for sale and what is paid for it. for more information on vaseline glass, geiger counters and radioactive monitoring equipment in general checkout CDV700CLUB.
it's on 10x

1/10/2008: got a few new pieces for christmas this year...

vg pieces
a couple pieces nice and bright!
a couple plates

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