the new motorcycle: 2009

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original cable 1511   3/31/2013: after the carburetor it was time to move on to something else. afterall, it has been doing well and despite an issue or two starting, i decided it was time to look somewhere else: the electrical system! the first things i wanted to tackle were the fuses, solenoid and their connectors...

8/6/2012: while attempting to solve a couple small problems with the carburetor i ended up taking it apart over a dozen times, checking timing, compression, making sure the exhaust was bolted on correctly... all to find out that despite replacing the butterfly shaft seals last summer there was still a huge leak! what a catasrophe!   balloon-right-after-1143

new brushes sml   3/21/2011: a few "little" projects that have finally come together! cleaned/rebuilt the starter and the main grounding bolt, swapped out the metal case around the tumbler and now it's readable, changed the dash/console, removed some of the dead/dying headlight electronics and put in a switch and replaced the sealed headlight so an H4 type bulb could be used. it took a bit, but seems to be working!

a bunch of shots...

9/10/2010: last weekend the front fork seals were replaced. as if that wasn't tricky enough, the threads on the front stud of the left fork started to strip as the last nuts were being tightened! i used a die to rethread the stud and it's looking hopeful! in a worst-case-scenario the stud could be removed and be replaced. but, it looks like this will be more than sufficient (fingers crossed).

see the before and after or some more shots...
  stripped 549

8/20/2010: a couple weeks ago i lined the tank with caswell epoxy gas tank sealer. short story, went fairly well, and coated great. but! the stupid fuel line split! and it's only about six months old! so, after talking with a friend i decided to use a bit stronger fuel line (just the 1/4" from napa) and stick a filter in...

we'll see how it goes...

a couple more shots on the thumbs page
  attached 542

brake switch   6/30/2010: when putting things back together one day i decided to double check the electrical (just in case i screwed something up) and found that when the front brake was used, it didn't trigger the rear brake light. i found that the brake switch from mikes xs (part #12-0044) has the same OEM part number as the xs750, so i bought it. but, where does it hook up? turns out, it fits very easily into the master cylinder and the wires feed into the headlight assembly. the brown and green/yellow-striped wires even matched! i just had to plug it all in and it worked!

dirty carb 479   4/7/2010: last week was vacation and i decided to tackle cleaning and syncing the carburetor along with derusting the gas tank. got stuck a few times. once most likely due to locktite and once because of a spark plug that died! but, it looks like it will be back together soon. a bunch of pics that were mostly for reference when i forgot where something went, but might be useful some day. here's a comparison of the mounted carburetor (before and after) along with a clean and dirty float bowl.

3/2/2010: the handlebar was angled down in a cafe style. when i tried to reposition it i found the grips pointed forward if they were raised much at all. the only way to fix it was to remove the grips and flip it. but, there ended up being a bit more to it... handlebar 393

3/2/2010: turning the bike around in a not-so-wide driveway and/or backing up when there is an upward angle at not so easy. with practice, i'm sure all of this will be no problem, but there's an easier solution: a cutting board with some 2x2s to keep the centerstand from slipping off let's me rotate the bike...

why does the one 2x2 stop a few inches short? so the 'S' on the centerstand will fit. otherwise it becomes lodged between (this picture might help).
rotator 442

12/9/2009: while working away i noticed the hinge pins had been lost long ago...and replaced by nails. so, while down at the hardware store one day i found stainless steel cotter pins that fit, although a bit long. not much really, but a bit nicer when and if i need to take the seat off for some reason or another... <g>

(this picture was taken at night, so one of these days, when it's light out, i'll have to get a better one...)
hinge 412

11/9/2009: the magic of cleaning rust via electrolytic rust removal.
(more pictures...) (and the centerstand)
clean sprint 01    clean spring 02

11/1/2009: and who thought changing brake pads was easy... it's just not good when a caliper is stripped. 11/15/2009: all that needed to be done was have it rethreaded. when i went to reattach everything, i found out that the wrong length bolt was used, so it barely held anything when tightened...

10/25/2009: a few more pictures...
and the thumbnail page...
xs750 336
i'm not good at photography
  dash 341
the "dash"

10/20/2009: my new bike is a yamaha 1979 xs750 F. these three small pics are from the ad on craigslist (more to come):

xs750 01
links to a bigger shot (cell phone shots are bad...)
craigslist 02
it's kick start and electric!
  craigslist 03

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