9/20/2010: after cleaning up the carb a few months ago, i decided to finally look at the plugs to see what state they were in. did it work?

Updated 9/14/2011...

and a couple links for reading plugs at bikernews.com and atlanticjetsports.com

the original plugs:
plug one 569   plug two 570   plug three 571
when plug one died:
plug one 568    
the set from 9/20/2010:
plug one 565
side a and side b (big)
  plug two 558
side a and side b (big)
  plug three 561
side a and side b (big)
the current set (9/14/2011) after the seals and choke repair and a 150 mile ride:

also facing right and another fuzzy left

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