a week of repairs

4/7/2010: a week of repair... this is mainly for reference... the plan was to clean the carburetor, derust and line the tank along with a few other things since the gas tank will be off. more on the thumbs page too...

under the tank (coils) under the tank (engine)
mounted and dirty
carb mounted (one) carb mounted (three)
carb holders (choke side) carb holders (three side)
carburetor/choke rod (one/two) carburetor/choke rod (two/three)
carburetor off and dirty locktite is not your friend
one and two two and three
the fuel t the jets
the jets the dirty float bowl
new screws in the choke mount clean float bowl
after the cleaning (bad picture!) mounted and clean (bad picture)
exhaust, which way do those go? drying the tank after derusting
brakelite wires brakelite wires (really, just for reference)

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