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10/10/2013: i have a big project or two in mind that would require brazing, but i want to practice a bit. so in trying to figure out something to do i decided to build a simple turn signal mount. the previous owner cut the turn signal mounts off the frame and put lights on the seat. despite it looking ok, it's definately in need of repair...

just flat bar 203
the start
trying to cut triangles 207
trying to cut the ends
bar too long 209
it was too long
together 21
recut single bar 215
recut and bent a single bar
dirlling contraption 214
drilling holes
faceplate 221 ) with lights 222
what it might look like
test fit 226
test fit
test fit 227 recut with bend 235
recut, and bent to better fit
beind with light 230
frame test fit 242
front pieces
frame test fit 239 frame test fit with plates 237
test fit w/plate
brazed test fit rear view 250
brazed rear view
brazed test fit front view 251 brazed test fit fron iew 252

3/31/2013: after last year's catastrophe with the carburetor i decided it was time to ignore the little issues it may still have and move on to making sure the electrical stuff was behaving. afterall, it was starting fairly well...

original cable 1510
the original
original cable 1511
soldered main 1514
the main was the worst!
zoom and another view
building new cable 1515
building the new cable
dirty connectors 0003
dirty connectors
clean connectors 0006
cleaner connectors
finished cable 0008
the finished cable

5/28/2012: while trying to adjust the carburetor and fix an idle problem a couple weeks ago the bike backfired and i heard a "tink", almost like someone dropped a shovel across the street. it turned out the end cap had been blown off and shot across the road! i did find it in the neighbors front yard though. come to find out, after much looking around, a previous owner took out the baffle and there was one bolt holding the end cap in. ARG! thirty year old aftermarket baffles are apparently hard to find, so i decided to craft something up in hopes of restoring backpressure (and lowering the noise a bit...).

8/6/2012: the end cap fix has worked great! i've basically had a catastophe trying to get the carb back in working order and taken the baffle out in case that was the cause.

end cap 1044 kerker 1049
kerker 3-2-1
end cap 1059
should stay on now
refit 1061
it fits!
refit 1066 baffle support 1074
baffle support "plan"
baffle support 1076 baffle support 1096
baffle support 1089
support attached
baffle fit test 1080
fit test
baffle fit test 1086
  i wrapped the baffle with fiberglass twice around, and then cut some smaller pieces so that the end could be wrapped to keep it from rattling around. a metal zip-tie keeps it all together.  
wrapped 1100
wrapped twice
wrapped 1101
and dirty already

8/6/2011: last week i replaced the butterfly shaft seals on the carb. the thinking behind it goes that after thirty+ years they harden and after who knows how many cleanings the seals have undoubtedly been breaking down due to exposure to the wonderful effects of carb cleaner. <g> since i had it off i also replaced these pesky little springs and balls so the choke would stay open and i wouldn't have to hold it!

shaft seal
shaft and seals
  springs and balls
easy to lose!
  springs and arrows
where they go

6/27/2011: bought a piston stop and then after even more searching (and the failed attempt) found out how to get the ceramic out of the spark plug. it's easy, when you know how... <g> i then used a 3/8-16 to tap the plug and it worked! (i can't find the link, but i swear i read it on yamaha triples forum...)
cut through the crimped piece,
then whacked out the plug
now i can tap them
(there's the one i bought too)
tapped and done!

3/21/2011: a few "little" projects that have finally come together! what do they entail? cleaning the starter and replacing the brushes, upgrading the headlight from the sealed type to the H4 (not pictured), swapping the metal tube around the tumbler, changing the dash/console and taking out some of the dead/dying/not so good light electronics. oh! also cleaned the main grounding bolt, but don't know if there is a picture of that...
the projects...
it's pretty dirty...
it broke!
shiny and clean!
a different view
just a few scratches...
the new look
tumbler springs can fly!
new console view (and straight on).
the RLU removal jumper (first one).
headlight switch (see relay bypass).

9/10/2010: stripping the front fork stud and then using a die to rethread
stripped 549
compare 02
compare the two
rethreded 551
compare 01
compare again
(or side by side)
screwed-on 557
retightened with two washers

8/20/2010: "custom" fuel lines...
fuel line 532
a 90 degree
attacjed 542
they're on!
fuel line 538
the pair
attacjed 542

3/17/2010: the temporary "gas tank" to be...
bucket 436
the temp gas tank
bucket 440
bucket 437
with filter screen!

3/2/2010: the carburetor (still on the bike though)...
carb right
the right...
carb right
(and another pic) bad pics
carb right
the fuel T (left)
carb name
the model number...
carb left
the left...
carb right
from behind...
carb right
the fuel T (right)
carb name
and w/a zoom
carb right
the vacuum lines
carb name
a name...
carb right
petcock & fuel line
carb right
fuel lines & idle screw
<--- 2F3 00 (top) 882 (bottom)
   - MIK II B34 (type CV)
   - MIK I vs MIK II
<--- from the back forward:
   - spark plug
   - vacuum line
   - throttle cable
   - vacuum line

3/2/2010: repositioning of the handlebars...
original 341
the way it came
handlebar 393
repositioned a bit...
handlebar 394
and they pointed forward!
handlebar 414
it had been spray painted
handlebar 413
(but i like flat black)
handlebar 417
cleaned up
handlebar 415
handlebar 419
handlebar 418
and the original mirrors
handlebar 420

11/9/2009: cleaning the rust off of the centerstand...
cs front orig
front, orig
cs rear orig
rear, orig
cs front 01
front 1
cs rear 01
rear 1
the bucket
the bucket
cs front 02
front 2
cs rear 02
rear 2
cs bottom 02
bottom 2
cs front 03
front 3
cs rear 03
rear 3
cs top 03
top 3
cs bottom 4
bottom 4






beginning, middle and end...

11/9/2009: cleaning rust, round I...
spring rust 01
spring rust 02
spring rust 03
spring clean 01
spring rust 02
spring rust 03

11/1/2009: [grumble, grumble...] updated 11/15/2009...
caliper 348
it's stripped...
caliper 01
caliper 02
caliper 03
short screws 01
not flush, no wonder it stripped...
short screws 02
the screw is short
short screws 03
much better

10/25/2009: [...]
xs750f 335
xs750f 336
a larger pic
dash 328
dash 341
front tire 333
front tire, right
throttle 342
engine 338
engine, left
engine 339
engine, left
camshaft 334
engine, right
camshaft 329
rear tire, cam
camshaft 337
rear tire, cam
right brake 332
exhaust/rear brake, right
front 340

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