the new motorcycle: 6/2015

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  12/8/2015: dirty, dirty, dirty! it's winter, and since i won't be riding it's a good time to clean them up and not waste the sunny weather! besides, since it's xmas time there is a great 15% of sale, even on OEM parts!

7/30/2015: when the bike arrived i had a really hard time figuring out how to unlock the gas cap! it turns out that the lock was broken and bmw had just end-of-lifed the gas-cap! i hate to say it, but it was not fun...  

  6/21/2015: after a bit of searching i decided to sell my yamaha special and xs750f to get a bmw.

i found one! <g> it's a 1981 r100!

and on 7/15/2015 it arrived!

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