the xs750se parts package: the carbs

Carburetor 1: an MKI
Carburetor 2: an MKI
Carburetors one and two have no visible part numbers, but the choke levers match up with those from the MKIs vs. the MKIIs (the url probably doesn't work so here's an MKI and an MKII photo). the '77 2d had these, so i thought they may have come from them, but who knew. the two engines came and one of the VINs matched a 1977 2d so at least one of these, if not both, probably come from the 750 2d.
Carburetor 3: an MKII
this has a part number that is barely legible but seems to be 2H7-10 86IJ (but the IJ could be 1t? IT? 1J? ...) it looks just like an MKII, except for the third gas T (on the right side of the back view). the only bike with the 2H7 prefix i've found so far is the xs1100, but it has four, not three cylinders. is it a xs1100 carburetor repurposed? i'm sure i just missed a model...
Carburetor 4: an MKII
it looks just like the MKII on my xs750f and the numbers 2G2-00 893, 2F2-00 893, 2G2-00 893 (left, middle, right) match yamaha's part numbers.
The Side View of the Choke Levers
the MKIs (one and two) are on the left and the MKIIs (three and four) are on the right.

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