the freezer (converted)

2/2012: here are some shots of the freezer being converted to a keezer with a few notes and things sprinkled in. most of the ideas for the collar came from, this picture, the how-to and bbum's make: kegerator!.

the first piece to be built was the collar. for me it was a bit of a chore to get things sized right so it would sit fairly level and not rock back and forth. after getting it together i drilled four holes for the taps, stained it and padded the side that would sit on top of the freezer so it would make a good seal.

sizing 965
sizing up
  sid 979
  front 978
front view
padding 982
padded the underside
  keezer 983
almost done...
  keezer 987
then i read the thermostat in the freezer really wouldn't work and one of the best options is the ranco etc 111000. and, if you wire it yourself, it's a bit cheaper! so, instead of one cord in and one cord out i decided to make it four-plug capable.

then i decided i had to get a chalkboard. the local crafts store had one for $3.50! i stained it and it turned out not so bad!

ranco 992
the ranco-etc
  ranco 994
if i write it down,
i won't forget...
a fan inside is really suppose to help the converted freezer cool faster. makes sense too. afterall, the fridge we bought last year blows cold air instead of just cooling the sidewalls. and, the last homebrew batch i made cooled a heck of a lot faster when stirred...

    fan 005
the fan control
  fan 999
a bit closer
after starting to fill it up a bit i realized i wanted to run the co2 hoses through something in an attempt to keep them out of the way. pvc mounting rings worked great for this. i also built a little "structure" from 1/2 inch pvc so that things like the 3-way co2 splitter and fan could be mounted to something. it's hiding, but the thermometer from the ranco is there too, hanging off the back. it's working good so far... <g>

after i loaded everything in, i started wondering how long it would be before i knocked the co2 tank over. should i put it on the floor? would it fall over anyway? now what? after many ideas and not finding anything useful at lowes that we were looking for the winning answer hit: one hook and four feet of rope with a loop tied at each end! it works wonders!
insdie 1000
the left side
  hook 979
don't fall!
  inside 1001
the right side

4/16/2012: it's filling up...

spacer   three-plus 1 1035   three-plus 2 1035   spacer  

5/28/2012: after filling up the keg at a local microbrew, and having the co2 line become partially filled with beer due to an over-filled corny-key, i put check valves from us plastic into the line. should be much easier to clean now... <g>

spacer   USP check valve
valve #57173
  check-valves 1098   spacer  

10/12/2014: added a sankey coupler!

spacer   outside w/sankey 0463   inside w/sankey 0465   spacer  

5/13/2016: i found an old pool table lamp at a thrift store, but i thought they wanted way too much for it. i asked my mom to keep an eye on it and she got it for $23! after rewiring it i decided to hang it over the keg-freezer! <g>

spacer   from the side 0777   with the keg open 0779   spacer  

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